I GOT A NEW PHONE! And other news

I am currently on my “summer” holidays.  It has rained nearly all week.  Also, over the last 2 weeks I have made no trips to London and no interesting tech people have visited Wick (as far as I’m aware).  But that doesn’t mean that nothing at all has happened!  So here is a quick roundup of the last couple weeks of my life.

My gorgeous early birthday present
My gorgeous early birthday present
  •  As you can probably tell from the title of this post (and if you are on my mailing list) I got a new phone! As an early birthday present (my birthday is 9th August 😉 ) I got the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 edition in Gold.  And I LOVE it. My previous phone was very much past its best before date.  I know I shouldn’t complain and that I’m lucky I had a phone, but when your phone takes 30 seconds to load the keyboard and then tells you Facebook Messenger has crashed, you can’t help but feeling a bit annoyed.  Actually VERY annoyed.  But that is in the past and my new phone is amazing!  I’m also one of those people who is a bit religious about phone cases so I got to order myself a nice case too.  Yay!
  • I (finally!) converted my old laptop to Linux.  I had originally planned to dedicate a whole post to this and go through how I did it but due to technical difficulties that plan kind of went out of the window.  But hey, computing wouldn’t be fun if things didn’t go wrong sometimes all the time. I ended up installing Lubuntu, the lighter version of Ubuntu more suitable for older computers that don’t quite meet the specs for full on Ubuntu.  I decided that as my laptop was so old I didn’t have much to lose so ditched the dual boot.  At first when it didn’t work I panicked and thought I’d made a big huge mistake, but I managed to save it.  The only issue I’ve found so far is that the cursor disappears if the laptop goes to sleep, but it’s easily fixed by changing to a different console and then back again so I’m not too bothered by that.  Overall I absolutely love it and can’t wait to start properly learning the command line.
  • I’ve also been planning my Apps for Good Fellowship Board with Sophie.  The idea is to promote the Fellowship to other students in my school through a display showcasing all the things you can do as a fellow.  I think it’s a great idea and hope more people will become fellows because of it 😊
Photos from our Diamond DofE walk to school!
Photos from our Diamond DofE walk to school!
  • Okay, I confess this isn’t exactly tech related but I did also complete my Diamond Duke of Edinburgh.  To celebrate their 60th Diamond anniversary, you can choose to complete your Diamond DofE.  You get to choose one challenge and you have to raise at least £60.  Me and the other co-founder of Envirocache, Mari-Ann Ganson, decided to walk the 8 miles from my house to school on the last day of term.  It was more challenging than I thought but it was also really nice weather which made everything look so lovely.  Mr Aitken dropped us off bacon sandwiches on his way to the school.  I don’t know if it was just the walking making me extra hungry or Mr Aitken’s cooking skills or both but it was the best bacon sandwich ever.  Seriously, it was good.  I really ached once I got to school (and I was pretty sweaty – nice).  Combined we raised £170 for the DofE charities which is really great.
  • I now own a company!  If you follow me on twitter you’d already know this, but I am now a shareholder of Envirocache Limited.  We’re due to start app development fairly soon – I’ll definitely keep you updated on that!  Its so exciting that I haven’t been able to sleep properly these last few nights because my brain is too busy thinking of app logos and app features and marketing ideas!  I even have a notebook dedicated to Envirocache and the other night I woke up and sat doodling app logo ideas.  I’m so lucky to be given the opportunity to do this, and I won’t ever forget that.

That’s all from the life of your favourite teenage geek girl 😉.  I will continue to keep you updated on all the exciting things I get to do!

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