Raspberry Pi Fun!

It was a busy week for me last week.  After I had got back from London – with just one day to catch up on some much needed sleep – it was time for something else pretty exciting.

Me and Pete
Selfie with Pete Lomas, Co-creator of Raspberry Pi!

Before I go on, you’ll notice that in the photo above I’m wearing a Raspberry Pi t-shirt.  Just the fact I own one probably gives away that I’m a big fan.  So imagine my excitement when I was told that Pete Lomas, one of the co-creators of the Raspberry Pi, was coming to Wick!

Why do I love Raspberry Pi’s so much? Well apart from the fact that they are just awesome, the first bit of python programming I ever did was on a Raspberry Pi Mr Aitken let me borrow.  It was so exciting plugging everything in and setting it up.  I thought it was the coolest thing in the world that I got it to print my name to the screen!  I very quickly learned that that was nothing special, but it was that first line of code that started me on the pathway away from Veterinary Nursing and landed me on the Computing one.  And that is the best thing that has ever happened.

Anyway, I got there early and helped set up.  Then Pete gave a really interesting (and funny!) talk on the story of the Raspberry Pi and how so many coincidences made it happen. Also, I automatically like anyone who uses a Pretty Woman quote in a presentation. Never used a Pretty Woman quote in a presentation before? Big mistake. Big. Huge. 😉

We then got to go upstairs and see some different programs and inventions made using the Raspberry Pi; including motion detector light switches, ‘Let it Go’ created in Sonic Pi, and an AstroPi!

Then came the cool part – programming! I played around with the Raspberry Pi sense hat; nothing fancy, just a bit of code that used the LED’s and accelerometer to change the image depending on how the Pi was held.

It was a really good night – thanks Pete for traveling so far to come and talk to us!  And I can also promise that this definitely wont be the last time I mention Raspberry Pi on Because I’m Appy 😉


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